Netgear A2610

  1 year ago
  Netgear (USB Wireless adapter)
  Mint 19.x
  Works partially
What works:

Works with Linux Kernel 5.0 and forward, but does not work well.
The adapter is able to find the router and connect without any problems and prove all that which a proper wireless adapter should.

What doesn't work:

The adapter is supposed to have very long range, but even though my router is a few meters away the signal only reaches 50% a most. The download/upload speed is also pretty bad as of yet, then again this hardware did not function natively until Kernel 5.0, so the drivers are still not up to par with for example Windows yet.

What was done to make it work:

I changed the DNS server to and as backup. This did make the internet a little bit faster, but only marginally, it most likely did not solve the actual problem.

Additional notes:

The drivers for this hardware is very young as of yet, they will hopefully get updated in coming Kernel updates, making the hardware run a lot better.