Aspire E11 ES1-111M-C7DE

  3 months ago
  Acer (11.6" laptop)
  Mint 20.x
  Works perfectly
What doesn't work:

This laptop originally still felt laggy under Cinnamon.

What was done to make it work:

I replaced Cinnamon with XFCE4, lightening the processor load significantly. The laptop now performs extremely well ~90% of the time, with visible issues only occurring when multitasking or when using multi-thread apps like Firefox. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the "bang for the buck" I've gotten with Mint, and it's a great looking OS too.

The system lag actually keeps me productive because it makes the laptop unsuitable for gaming, which is a distraction for me on my faster machines.

Additional notes:

I have upgraded this laptop from the stock configuration by installing a total of 8GB RAM and a 500GB SSD. I love the form-factor and the fact that Linux Mint allows it to run so much faster than under the original Windows 7 --> Windows 10, but it is very limited by the 2-core CPU and the SATA 1.0 hard drive interface.