Blockbuster2 257SA1

  8 years ago
  Gericom (Laptop or Netbook)
  Mint (older version)
  Doesn't work as expected
What works:

First it seems to work normal as expected, BUT...

What doesn't work:

a) after some time (maybe 1-3 minutes or also something like 30-60 minutes) the touch-pad & keyboard doesn't react any more!
then you can plug in a usb-mouse and it will work for some seconds, but after this nothing will work except the power-button!

b) when you type something (for example also your password) after 8 characters (i think it was 8 but maybe also 10 or 12... something like this) the last character will be repeated endlessly!
then also keyboard & touch-pad doesn't react any more except the power-button!

Additional notes:

Ubuntu 10.04 had the same problems!!!