PS121 USB Printserver

  10 years ago
  Netgear (Wireless data station/Print server)
  Works perfectly
What works:

It works fine. I have it connected to the printer via USB and to our wireless network through one of the routers Ethernet ports. It works fine, as a "PASSTHRU" allowing use of our HP 7960 as a network printer.

What was done to make it work:

The device is a simple passthru type device and is basically invisible as seperate hardware. when setting up your printer look for the actual printer to be discovered NOT the print server. The discovery setup will automatically detect a PASSTHRU during setup/install.

Have the IP address available assigned by your DHCP server to allow you to search for and find the printer.

Additional notes:

Depending on you equipment and usage, you may want to change DHCP settings on your router so that your printers IP address remains the same. Since the print server remains on all the time, thus a connect is always there you should not have any problems "out of the bix" so to speak.