Optiplex GX 260 SFF and desktop

  2 years ago
  Dell (Desktop computer)
  Mint (older version)
  Works perfectly
What works:

Dual Boot with Windows XP/Linux (maybe triple with OSX... but just for using Osirix radiology DICOM viewer... mac-only)

2.66ghz CPU
2 Gb RAM
160 Gb disk

primary partitions
40 GB NT XP sda1
25 GB ext4 / sda2

83 GB Extended partition sda3

Linux partitions
4 GB swap swap sda5
20 GB / sda2
83 GB /home sda4
I've a windows XP in Virtualbox for some websites that just work with IExplorer...

Dual monitor layout with a add-on nvidia quadro4 550 XGL AGP card. Composite classical DB-15 connectors.
Two Acer TV-monitors 1080p (1920x1080 60hz) 23'' (dual head of 23''+23'')

What doesn't work:

I was not able to make work a 500 MB disk (with last BIOS version).

Better with 12.0 than with Debian. Annoying issues along updates:

1.- New Nouveau driver became incompatible with my old card previous working dual-head nvidia card: black screen !
I have a tutorial on it [Solved]

2.- Gnome Keyring rights lost !! Very annoying so I migrated to Mint 12.0. It still happen to me in 12.0.

What was done to make it work:

Customized xorg.conf file: Solved !! One monitor is Shared with a mechanical switch with a second computer (Athlon 1600+ Ati Rage 128 AGP card running Zenwalk linux): also working.

Installation problem:
After resizing with gparted, mounting linux partitions stalled (mounting ...). It has happened in three systems with Mint Debian LMDE 9.0 (Toshiba portege r200, Asus eeepc, Dell GX-260)

Just kill the window; clicking [cancel] doesn't work.
Proceed again to install (click desktop icon again): now everything will work fine. Just enjoy !

I've written a series of tutorials about setting 1080p monitors single and dual head. Just copy and use the xorg.conf in nvidia cards.

Avoid using nouveau driver with old cards. Use nvidia proprietary driver.

Additional notes:

Integrated in my samba network with several servers, network storage, media centers, and network printers.

Upgraded to kernel 3.0.0.x

Just follow my tutorials for dual-head nvidia cards