Portege r200

  2 years ago
  Toshiba (Laptop or Netbook)
  Mint (older version)
  Works perfectly
What works:

All is fine
Now with an 64GB SDD !! new life ! Just do it !

Kingspec 1.8 ''SSD 64 GB IDE 50PIN CF HD

What doesn't work:

Installation problem in Lisa:
After resizing with gparted, mounting linux partitions stalled (mounting ...). It has happened in three systems with Mint Debian LMDE 9.0 (Toshiba portege r200, Asus eeepc, Dell GX-260)

All fine with Petra,

Upgrade from Rosa 17.3 to Sarah 18.0 without issues.

Beware you need 2,5-3 GB of empty space on your root ('/')

What was done to make it work:

Just kill the window; clicking [cancel] doesn't work.
Proceed again to install (click desktop icon again): now everything will work fine. Just enjoy !

Additional notes:

Now with an 64GB SDD !! new life !

No major problems or issues. If you need help: Just try to look in my tutorials
or search http://community.linuxmint.com/