HD 3200

  9 years ago
  ATI Radeon (Graphics/Video/TV card)
  Mint (older version)
  Works perfectly
What works:

Colour, brightness, gamma correction
acceleration settings (aa, anisotropic filtering, etc.)
power saving settings
opengl acceleration

What doesn't work:

Everything works as far as I can test myself.

Additional notes:

This graphics device works well out of the box without drivers. Plays many RTS games and runs blender 2.54 Beta almost full speed.

The real surprise came when I installed the Catalyst drivers for the GPU, this dramatically increased performance and battery live on my Asus 1201T 12.1 inch netbook. Now I have about 4-4.5 hours of battery at moderate load, and can play games such as Sauerbraten and Alien-Arena at medium settings.