11 years ago
  Asus (Laptop or Netbook)
  Mint (older version)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

The live-DVD booted and loaded fine. The install went without a hitch. After the reboot I ran the updater to install all the available updates. Rebooted, I always do this to to be sure all the new libs etc get loaded. Next I went to Administration/Additional Drivers and installed the ATI video drivers. Now the ATI control panel is available to adjust and tweak the video card. The visual effects now works too.

What doesn't work:

The issues I had I believe are related to the fact that it was RC1, but here's the list anyway and I hope they are corrected in the final release.

The wifi didn't auto connect to my home wifi network.

Icon (jockey I think) should in the panel that there were non-free hardware drivers availanle but when you clicked on it nothing happened

What was done to make it work:

Right click the network applet and choose Edit Connections/Wireless highlight you wifi connection and press Edit, enter your sudo password and in the top you should see Connect Automaticly, check that and close now it will start when you boot the laptop at home.

Addition Hardware Icon
Used the menu went to Administration/Additional Hardware Drivers and install from there. (Same program just a different way of getting there)

Additional notes:

i7 740 QM
4 GB DDR 3 Ram
500 GB (7200) hd
Mulitple Disk CD/DVD read/writer
16" screen
ATI Mobility 5730 1 GB ram

Deleted all the factory partitions except for the hidden Recovery partiton which can be used to reinstall Windows 7 by pressing F9 at startup.