10 years ago
  Western Digital (Storage device (Hard Drive, Flash, USB stick..))
  Mint (older version)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What was done to make it work:

Given the fact that this drive uses the Advanced Disk Format (ECC bits are to be found at an interval of 4Kbytes instead of 512 bytes). So, in order to run the drive at an optimal speed the partitions should start at multiples of 4096 bytes. Parted does this automagically if you start it with the following option:

# parted --align opt /dev/sdX (where X varies according to your HDD)

Of course you may also use the fdisk utility but it will require some good maths and patience, thus I don't recommend using fdisk. cfdisk is strictly "forbidden" if you want optimal positioning of the partitions as it does not know about the new disk format.

After creating the partitions you may check the right alignment by using parted's command (inside parted run: align-check opt Y); where Y is the number of the partition you want to check if it is correctly aligned.