9 years ago
  HP (Hewlett-Packard) (Desktop computer)
  Works perfectly
What works:

running with 2GB PC2-5300 ddr2 on an ASUS Benecia mobo with an 800MHz fsb. Intel 82G33 Express onboard video and onboard 82801 Intel HDA.
CDDVDW TS-H653N TSS 48/16x CD/DVD RW, ST3360320AS 360GB SATA.

I'm set up with 5 sets of OS partitions with 2 larger shared data partitions hosting 5 distros.

arch/gnome 2.32.1-2/kernel26-lqx 2.6.36-8
archbang/openbox 3.4/kernel
aptosid/xfce 4.6.2/kernel 2.6.36-0.slh.5
lmde(sid)/gnome 2.30.2-1/kernel Liquorix 2.6.36-0.dmz.13
pclos/kde 4.5.3 /kernel

everything is working perfectly across all distros. It's sort of a hobby of mine keeping it that way while tweaking the hell out of it.

What doesn't work:

everything works great

What was done to make it work:

a tweak here, a kernel or a kernel patch there. I'm pretty fussy about the software I install. I avoid non essential daemons, especially things that cause any kind of rise in disk or cpu activity. I make sure everything stays cool. I avoid the power button like the plague.
The very BEST thing I ever did for this box was to remove windoze, which works the hell out of the hard drive and cooling thus avoiding mechanical issues there aside from it being useless bloatware.

Additional notes:

archbang is the fastest closely followed by aptosid. arch/gnome is probably the best and most powerful setup. lmde runs very well too.
pclos is by far the best and most trouble free implementation of kde I have ever used.
In summary, everything is working superbly here on fairly mediocre hardware.