9 years ago
  Asus (Laptop or Netbook)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

OOTB: Function keys, audio, wireless, BT, network, sata, CPU throttle, sleep-suspend, webcam, touchpad, usb ports, HDMA port, Nivida GFX / Intel GFX (see below), VGA-out, screen auto-dimming sensor

What doesn't work:

Not working: fingerprint reader. Beta drivers are available but I haven't been able to get them to work in a meaningful or useful way yet.

Additional notes:

Issues: GFX cards work individually OOTB (Intel or Nvidia) but switching cards causes problems as x-server drivers for Intel / Nvidia seem mutually incompatible. I have tried a script to swap drivers at boot but this screwed LMDE up a bit, due to my lack of any idea what I was doing.