NV11 [GeForce2 MX/MX 400]

  10 years ago
  Nvidia (Graphics/Video/TV card)
  Works partially
What works:

It works, but I have to choose:

- Between Isadora and Julia

Isadora works well with games and applications, but fail in full screen video (vlc, youtube).

Julia fails at games and app, but works perfectly at full screen video.

What doesn't work:

The problem is the propietary driver 96 Nvidia

Isadora give me the option of install as a suggest. Julia doesn't.

After install at Isadora, games like gnomine works, but I have installed a lot of distros (fedora, ubuntu, etc) and all of them fail at gnomine.

For this I think is grafical or driver problem, because Isadora fails until install suggested Nvidia driver.

But Julia and Mint debian doesn't give me the option of install propietary driver. So, later, I detected the same problem in others applications, like wine, openoffice, or even synaptic, etc

I open the game, and at time I click mouse, it freeze, and keyboard the same, and I have to reset.

What was done to make it work:

In Julia, I tried to install from synaptic "96 driver" but wihtout success