9 years ago
  Asus (Motherboard)
  Works perfectly
What works:

Everything I've attempted with this board works perfectly. Both LDME and Ubuntu 10.10 detected and installed everything I had enabled (see below).

What doesn't work:

Everything has worked for me . . . but troubleshooters should take note!

This motherboard is known for problems with the dual ethernet and RAID. It seems they packed so many features into this board that trying to use too many of them will lead to pain and suffering. I originally discovered this when I was running a 0+1 RAID array on the nvidia controller and tried to enable both ethernet jacks.
Details are available on google, but the short version is that you should disable all the SATA and ethernet ports you're not using in BIOS.

It's entirely possible these problems have been solved by BIOS upgrades and/or switching from windows, but owners should be advised that problems fitting this description are not likely to be the fault of LMDE.

These problems are especially insidious when the ethernet is involved, as it may be intermittent or behaving oddly as opposed to nice and thoroughly broken.

What was done to make it work:

This seems like a good place to list the highlights of my configuration. If you experience difficulties like those listed in the 'what doesn't work' section I'd recommend starting by disabling as much as possible and building your way up.

Secondary Ethernet disabled
Onboard sound disabled
SI raid disabled
Joystick disabled
All SATA set to non-raid
Single PCI-E video card
Single PCI sound card

Additional notes:

Everything's pretty well covered above.