7 years ago
  Lenovo (Laptop or Netbook)
  Mint (older version)
  Works perfectly
What works:

The default install of LMDE 64-bit DOESN'T work fine *anymore*!

The Deb rolling version finally got the better of me... and my laptop and more and more, apps that were working, stopped running. Rats!

SO what does work?
Back to the Gnome Main Ed -x64! That works!

What doesn't work:

Since having moved from LMDE back to Main... haven't found anything yet!

Additional notes:

On the day before Christmas I made a DVD with the new 64-bit LMDE. Christmas day was Christmas day but the day after was my day... I backed up my home folder and went with a fresh install. LMDE is seriously awesome!

Had to go back to Main Ed. I'll wait for a final release of Katya... unless the team figures out that snap-shot version of LMDE. Rats! I liked the premise of LMDE and not using a Ubuntu derivative.

LMDE-64 was breaking apps and causing dependency problems that while I was able to find solutions on the forum, it wasn't worth that effort-frustration-level. I like things that work, first time... I'm not really patient or geeky enough to want to spend my time problem-solving so I've resigned myself to live with Main Edition 64bit for now. But I am looking forward to see how Gnome 3 plays out!

Lisa works very well. Choosing a session type at logon is very handy. I've settled and adjusted with Gnome 3. CINNAMON looks promising but I'll give it a miss for a version or two... and keep adjusting to G3. The more I get into it the more I like it!