Kindle 3 WiFi

  10 years ago
  Amazon (eBook reader)
  Works perfectly
What works:

You can see the memory within the device like an external USB Hard Drive. A complete back up of the files on the Kindle can be made to your own computer (in addition to the "cloud" back up supplied by Amazon). MP3 files can be dropped into the music directory.

The text is very clear and, for those with failing eyesight, the font size and line spacing is adjustable, right up to very large print.

You know you are hooked once you try to turn the page without using the buttons!!

What was done to make it work:

Don't forget to install calibre from the Software Manager as it supports many eReaders and converts formats.

You can also run Amazon's own PC linking software providing you set Wine to simulate a Windows 98 system.

Additional notes:

Music just plays - I haven't yet discovered how to select which track to play. It has very good sound!

The Text to Speech sounds rather like Stephen Hawkins has come to read to you! (Or his "sister"). But because of Rights restrictions this doesn't work on all text.

The text can be rotated, so you can go to a Landscape format if needed. This could be very useful for those using very large fonts to be able to read.

It runs with Linux as its operating system.