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 Pavilion P6675 i5 650

Brand: HP (Hewlett-Packard) (Desktop computer)

Release: Debian
Status: Works perfectly

What works:

Everything works out of the box including the wireless connection

What doesn't work:

The warranty. If you mention "Linux" PC World will tell you it voids HP's warranty. Oh and the same thing applies if you don't get the "tech guys" to do any upgrades for you.

On the plus side that stops them trying to sell you an extended warranty!

Additional notes:

Here is the address to the PC World site. It was working at the time of posting :)

I forgot to mention that LMDE (and Fedora) didn't automatically connect to my network the first time. I just had to select it from the list in Network Manager. Wired and Wireless.

Created: 7 years ago.
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