Eepc 900HD

  11 years ago
  Asus (Laptop or Netbook)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

I was happy to find that the realtek 8187se pci chipset on the built-in wifi card works. That particular chipset is not supported by all distros but it wurks fine in all versions of mint that I have used (Mint 9 xfce, Peppermint, Mint LXDE, Mint 10 LMDE XFCE).

The brightness keys, volume keys, and other proprietary "eeePc keys" that allow multiple functions per key work. The speakers shut off when I plug the headphones in.

What doesn't work:

Initially I had trouble with Mint update and breakages following updates. I now, after my second dist upgrade, find myself fixing the same things more than once (the clock and the touchpad to name two). (There seems to be a bit of an inner conflict between its Minty self-image and its Debian nature)

The touchpad in particular is not hard to fix but there are a few different suggestions in the forums and I'm not sure if they are all necessary so I just do all of them.

When the fortune broke on the terminal, I followed one of the forum suggestions to fix it but now I get no fortune. I'm sure there's a simple fix just haven't taken the time yet.

The last upgrade lost my NTP server, changed the touchpad back to not working, and reset the time to UTC (I should mention that I run a dual boot with Windows XP solely because Netflix won't stream to Linux :(

Pyneighborhood is broken and I have not put in the effort to try to create a Windows share via the command line. Samba has always been problematic for me in the "lighter" distros which is why I chose to go with XFCE but I'm not having any more luck configuring through the gui than i did with LXDE. Probably time to bite the bullet and learn samba from the CLI.

What was done to make it work:

Everything that I used can be found in the forums.