Laser Printer 3000cn PCL6

  8 years ago
  Dell (Printer)
  Mint (older version)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

Printing over network, looking up toner level from the computer,
300/600dpi printing, no full 1200dpi quality but at least it's some better than 600dpi.

What was done to make it work:

You have to set 'PCL Mode' to Color somewhere in the printer's menu to let it print colours using Linux. Else it will print black and white.

I chose the 3100cn printer driver when adding this one. Both printers are almost the same, it works fine for the 3000cn. From Mint 12 on, there will be a 3000cn option.

Some distros don't package Dell's 3100cn driver due to its licence. Users of those distros (one of which is Fedora) can choose the HP Color LaserJet 5500, or download a PPD file of the pxlcolor driver from here:
As the 3000cn is now included into Foomatic, it may soon appear in the new versions of distros.

Additional notes:

When using Mint 10 or older, the printer is very slow in processing images as they aren't compressed enough. It may even fail due to lack of memory (64MB should be enough for printing images but it isn't in Mint 10).
With Mint 11, it works fine. It is still a little bit slower than Windows, but not much.
(Windows uses a proprietary protocol for this printer while Linux uses PCL 6)

For users of other distros: you need Foomatic filters 4.0.7 to get the 'Mint 11' performance. I don't know which distros already use that version but I think most 2011 ones do. Not sure about Debian, however. Your distro's package manager may tell you which version of foomatic-filters is installed.

Installing Foomatic 4.0.7 on Mint 10 (using the .deb files from Ubuntu Natty's repository) works also, but does not fully solve the problem.