eGo Portable HD - 1TB

  8 years ago
  Iomega (Storage device (Hard Drive, Flash, USB stick..))
  Mint (older version)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

1) Plug and play Out-Of-the-Box for USB2! - USB3 not working
2) Recognised a CD-ROM (Encryption s/w) and a HD partition (NTFS) when connected.
3) Ready to be used as a data drive (999gb) detected.
4) Should be able to reformat to ext4 (haven't try)
Note: Think encryption software is meant for Windows system. Well there are linux alternatives available - google is your friend :). OK, i tried true-crypt previously on USB thumb drive.
5) Oh, as a data drive, will have to live with the slight annoyances of the 'auto-virutal-CD' created. Might not be a problem for some.
--- Update 20110810 ---
6) Finally removed 'virtual-CD' from HDD by downloading the 'latest' iomega encryption program from iomega website. NOTE: The encryption program that came with my batch of drive was out dated and did not have function to remove 'virtual cd'. NOTE: Once removed, it's gone forever.

What doesn't work:

1) Still figuring out how to install Linux Mint into it.
2) Ran the Installer from LiveDVD 64bit but the install only recognise the drive as 100++ gb????
3) Hold your horses on this one if you intend to install Linux. My first attempt failed due to the "auto-virtual-CD" the drive will create on "windows" or "linux" system.
4) Will see how I can overcome this and update my post.
5) Go ahead if you have found a solution for this and grateful if you share.
---- Update 20110810 ----
6) Though 'virtual CD' removed, but installation of 'Grub' no go. The HDD cannot be picked up by CMOS as a boot device. What 'crap' is this?
NOTE: This drive might not be able to boot with 'OS' in it. :( unhappy!
----- Update 20110927 ---
7) USB 3 not working, device not detected by mint11.

What was done to make it work:

1) Still figuring out :)
2) Plan A: Just keep and let the 'auto-virtual-CD' alone. or Plan B: Modify the 'auto-virtual-CD' to become 'Linux Mint' LiveCD or Plan C: Replace if totally with Mint.
Plan A: might not be an option - could not install 'Grub loader' into it.
---- Update 20110810 -----
3) Might need to 'hack' HDD firm-ware to get this working
NOTE: More 'Googling' to do. Sigh....

Additional notes:

iomega advertised this to drive to work in Windows and Mac and mention nothing about Linux. Just what to let all Mint users and Linux users know that this work.
Read somewhere that iomega website has a windows utility that would remove this. Wonder if this could help?
--------- Update 20110810 ------
NOTE: Read on the internet that the 'Virtual CD' was picked up by the BIOS and causing the drive not able to be used by other appliances like Xbox, Set-top Media Player...

Status: Stay away from this if you want to boot up Linux from it.
--------- Update 20110816 ------
Observation: Done some trial and testing and realised that this 1TB HDD is both physical and logical 4096 bytes per sector. Not sure what that really mean - guess that is why the CMOS/BIOS couldn't detect it.
Well what I did was simply buy another iomega portable hdd 500gb to test. Well, the 500gb works - it's both physical and logical 512 bytes per sector.
------- Update 20110810 ------
Get this if you can live with USB2 connection.