workforce 325

  10 years ago
  Epson (Printer)
  Mint (older version)
  Works perfectly
What works:

Printer 100%, Scanner 100% faxing from pc ..I haven't ried yet. BUT

Actually total result is SUPERIOR to WINDOWS BECAUSE :

I used the workforce 325 on the Windows 7 desktop using Openoffice,

AND again. the same printer on the Katya desktop, same Openoffice,

printing the same document

Result: the Katya desktop produced 100% wysiwyg on the same document.

when the Windows setup clipped embedded graphics.

where exactly the problem lies, I don't have the time and the ability to chase this down to a t, but suffice it to say ..the Katya Desktop,

with the Epson workforce 325 ...HITS THE SPOT

What was done to make it work:

Finally found
site contains linux drivers for probably everything that says epson on it.
Installation TOTALLY intuitive 1 or 2 mouseclicks and everything was there totally GUI, no commandlines used.

Additional notes:

(the only surprise is how long I searched to find this website, and how many comments I was reading along the way, saying that Epson does not have linux drivers.)
Well there they are.