MuVo TX usb 2.0 1GB

  10 years ago
  Creative (MP3 player)
  Works perfectly
What works:

Everything. It is simplicity itself. Mint recognizes it as a music player and files can be shipped across using Nautilus, etc. Works with MP3 or WMA files.

This device can also be used as a simple voice recorder and to store documents and other computer files upon.

What doesn't work:

No support for FLAC

Additional notes:

Nice simple player, although it has limited memory. MEMO to self. Start dropping hints for a new Creative device (with a larger memory) for my up coming birthday!! However, it looks like I will need to go to a different manufacturer, see extract from email received October 18, 2010...

Dear Ray Woods,

Thank you for reply back to us.

With regards to your inquiry, currently Creative do not have any MP3 player which supports in Linux platform and has product which has similar functionality like MuVo . All the MP3 player only compatible in Windows platform.

We do not have any information about future Linux drivers. We appreciate your interest and when Creative does announce future drivers we typically include information on our Creative website. Please note that Creative researches have tests hundreds of ideas every year and not all come to market or materialize in the way the research suggests. Research only confirms forward thinking ideas and in no way confirms the drivers of an existing product/new product. is the definitive source of information for future drivers announcements.

In addition, we will forward the feedback to the development team.

Best Regards,

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