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 Aspire 4752G

Brand: Acer (Notebook)

Release: Katya
Status: Works fine with some minor problems

What works:

Everything, I think.

What doesn't work:

Didn't work:
1. Installing via SARDU created usb, using live DVD iso 64bit Katya
2. NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M with nvidia_current and any driver from nvidia

What was done to make it work:

Installing via usb:
1. BIOS setting for SATA, change AHCI to IDE
2. Insert/add "libata.force=noncq" in grub along "quiet splash" line
3. Install OK
1. While using "acpi=off" in grub, installing process hang while "almost finished ..."
2. Use USB port on the left side. Didn't work with the right side port (because of USB 3, I think!?)
3. No proper support from ACER for this issue, nor anything related to installing linux (or just accept linpus by default if you want)

NVIDIA driver:
1. The only thing that works is ironhide by MrMEEE/martin-juhl
2. It's nvidia driver, not nouveau,,nv or whatever
1. Not working: installing via additional hardware/jockey
2. Not working: installing from nvidia website, please read "Additional Information", plain and honest

Additional notes:

It used to be "Doesn't work with MAJOR problems", now it's working after 1 week stressed+physically-sick&bed;-rest and additional 1 and a half week stressed without sick.
Tried "Fix for ACPI=OFF Boot Option", didn't work, both for installing linuxmint and nvidia driver.

Created: 6 years ago.
Last edited: 6 years ago.
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