stylus pro 1000 CF

  9 years ago
  Epson (Printer)
  Works perfectly
What works:

Epson Stylus Pro 10000 is a 10 year old Large Format Printer..still pretty much state of the art photograph quality inkjet printer, to print large size photos, posters, giclees and banners and whatnot, any size, pretty much. The beast sold for 9000$ in its day.

CANNOT find a driver for Vista, support stopped with XP but the Win 2000 driver sort'a works.....

Then along comes Linux Mint! printer is found in Gutenprint, installs, Gimp has a Gutenprint plugin (very important to do color adjustments etc.)
I am writing this to express my satisfaction and thanks to the folks that make it all possible. That Gutenprint driver wins hands down over the Windows one I tried both extensively.

Gimp has phantastic plugins, right here in the Mint repositories, for Debian as well as for Katya

So to sum this up, you have here a professional software suite..operating system, Open Office solutions, that can accomplish the same or better as Photoshop, Mac, Windows and so forth

What doesn't work:

I haven't found anything yet that would limit the workflow. I am not a professional Print Shop Operator, but I am getting there. and I haven't come to that one hurdle that says, "OK, back to Windows, then"

the epson linux driver site Avasys was of no help in this case, there is no Linux driver listed there for the epson stylus pro 10000.

I have not attempted to set it up as a network plotter, it has that capability.

What was done to make it work:

Nothing special, but that's just the kicker. To get all this working, I plugged the printer into the USB .....

Well then I did a bunch of reading on how to do color adjustment and balancing in Gimp but you have to do the same in Windows, or Mac, anyway.

Went to the Gimp website, read about the plugins, went to the Mint Software Manager, found the plugins....DONE

It just doesn't get better than that!

Additional notes:

In case anyone comes across one of those printers it is LARGE.

A serious piece of hardware. I downloaded the Service

Manual from here:

for$ 12.95

I used all sorts of websites to find out how to unplug clogged printheads..all common sense and in the end it all works

I did not enter a single command line in the whole process.