9 years ago
  M5A97 PRO (nic chipset)
  Mint (older version)
  Doesn't work as expected
What works:

R8169 driver for R8111E lan fails to work
works on opensuse 12.1 with same driver
R6189 driver works in opensuse

What doesn't work:

does not run correctly
speed fluctuates and disconects from server regularly
when it is connected the speed is very low

kernel module loaded r8169

What was done to make it work:

follow this guide

remember to adjust names and folder names as required

it it advisable to run before install in livecd and again after install.
in livecd this makes installing considerably faster

loads kernel module r8168

Additional notes:

wrong driver loads in kernel which does and doesn't work.
Loading the correct driver has a dramatic impact on network performance
R8169 driver will work initially then degrade to useless.

NOTE: after a kernel update you may need to re-install driver again.