Thinkpad X220t Tablet-PC

  8 years ago
  Lenovo (Laptop or Netbook)
  Mint (older version)
  Works partially
What works:

Core Features:
** all processors (Intel i5)
** external display
-- by VGA connector
** Ultrabase dock
-- external VGA display
** keyboard
** trackpoint (eraser) mouse
** touch-pad mouse
** wire network
** wireless network
** SD-media card reader
** all USB ports
** built-in speakers
** built-in camera & mic
** mic & headset ports
** Ultrabase(tm) dock
-- all USB ports

Tablet-PC Features:
** stylus as pointer
** touch-screen as pointer

What doesn't work:

Don't Know:
** ExpressCard adapter
** external display
-- by VGA connector
-- by display port connector
** Ultrabase dock
-- undock the entire U/base
-- undock the Ultra-bay(tm) drive module
-- external VGA display
-- external display port display
** fingerprint reader
There is a long history of troubles with conflicts between PAM and fingerprint authentication. (If fingerprint authentication is enabled, it steps in the midst of PAM authentication, and then returns to allow PAM to complete its processing.)

Tablet-PC Features:
** stylus as pointer
Currently there is no standard calibration utility
** touch-screen as pointer
Currently there is no standard calibration utility
** Stylus Parking Notification
The stylus has a slot where it gets stored (parked). On removal and again on replacement, ACPI is supposed to dance. It does not.
** bezel "orientation" button did not work
Button does not seem to throw event; still under investigation.

What was done to make it work:

Flip-Screen rotation
** "orientation" detection did not work
Installed package from Karl Hegbloom PPA, 'tablet-screen-rotation-support'

Additional notes:

(ducking behind the curtain to hide from rotten fruit)

This is a wonderful laptop and tablet on the win-dose side of usage. Most of the linux side features work, but there is some tinkering required. It is a real shame, in my opinion, that this box does not get much attention.

SUGGESTION: It might be nice if there was a standard script or utility
that would create an XML description of a running workstation for use with this web application.