LMDE - single DVD and installer offering multiple desktop environments

  9 years ago

I know things are pretty hectic right now in Mintville but I was just wondering...
Among those of us who prefer the Debian edition there have been a number of requests for other DEs. Many would love to see a KDE spin, others prefer lighter environments such as the ever popular Xfce.
And of course there is never a shortage of die-hard Gnome devotees.
How difficult would it be to set up a DVD and installer to give the user a choice of desktop environments? If it was limited to say, Gnome, KDE, Xfce and maybe Openbox. All the resources for basic installs should fit comfortably on a single standard DVD. With a script kicking off the appropriate installer.
It seems like it would be fairly popular. Of course the time and manpower to set up and maintain this could be an issue or would it?
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viking777 7 years ago

Sorry azatoth, but I don't think the Mint team is big enough to take on such a project (look how long lmde latest users have had to wait for update pack 4), besides it is easy enough to install the DE of your choice onto a main install (although I admit it wont be "mintied" if you do it that way).

Lithos 8 years ago

Id love to see a lmde openbox version- eg crunch bang is a nice example of debian and openbox- im sure lm could make it ten time better

rockandroleo 8 years ago

Mientras agreguen LXDE o bien Openbox (o ambas, mejor), pues apoyo muchísimo la idea.

krause 8 years ago

Muito boa a idéia, seria melhor ainda se viesse 32 e 64 bits

fellfire 8 years ago

Does that mean all of the different DE's would have to be stable and pass testing, etc. before each new version of Mint is released? I.e. the development cycle would now depend on several DE's completion. Previously the Gnome version would come out, and the KDE version would arrive some time after. If this is implemented does that mean Gnome would have to wait for KDE to be done before it is released, or would Gnome be released first, and then when KDE is ready an installer with both Gnome and KDE is released?

Would users be given the option to download an .iso with only one DE or one with the installer for multiple DE's?

This shouldn't affect those who already installed Mint, as only the installed DE would be updated.

ZoltanBreller 8 years ago

Would be legen.... wait for it ....dary!.
I'm learning to use Openbox and I find it awesome!

orionthehunter 9 years ago

I think this sort of choice at installation has been rejected already. Might be wrong though.

Ki3rk3gaard 9 years ago

Great idea.....that'd take it to number one on distrowatch for sure >

asymmetros 9 years ago

I fully agree. Or, if it is technically impossible for the moment, another solution is to have an Openbox Lmde. Then, the mid (or maybe less) experienced user, will have a minimai graphical system with Mint tools and the option to install from Synaptic his favorite desktop environment, without "bloating" his system.

azathoth 9 years ago

I was thinking of it kind of like a an Arch install or a Debian net install without the net, a single base then the individual GUIs. But yeah, it would have to be spun for 32 and 64 bit.

gotjazz 9 years ago

absolutely - expecially if it can be managed to get one-DE versions on a cd. then you could have specific DEs on a CD or a DVD, where you can choose one or more during install. (and also possibly 32/64 bit although then it might get a bit crammed even on a DVD - dunno)

Tony 9 years ago

That sounds like a good idea.