Sync software selection with Mint account

  8 years ago

I would really like it if there were a way to sync/store software selection list (i.e., the list created by the backup tool) with the LinuxMint account. Since it is just a text file, it should be very easy to implement. Mint could, for example, ask during installation if I have an account, then optionally restore my favorite software automatically. Or this could be implemented directly into the BackUp tool, if it is not desirable to add a new step to installation. The list could be private or public (for statistics that would help the developers).

I know BackUp tool is up for the same task, but what happens if you lose the list? So, let's add a hint of 'cloud' flavor to the recipe :)
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Skini151 5 years ago

I'll recommend using backup tool with dropbox implementation, why inventing the wheel, give devs of Mint more time to make Linux Mint better.

wolfe_inugami 5 years ago

What if the mint could generate the list and config data, and the user store it to a google account ie google drive... Then the user would just have to import the file and all good (in a perfect world simply speaking) Either way, I like the idea.

Mintification 6 years ago

Great idea. However, I was thinking also along the lines of what @viking777 mentioned. Storage costs do pose a large problem. Otherwise, grand idea :)

viking777 7 years ago

I am sure you won't like this, but this idea has to be rejected. Clem Lefevbre is not Mark Shuttleworth, to the best of my knowledge he is not a multi millionaire and I am pretty sure he has never been into space! Yet you want him to provide you with free online storage for your software profile??

If you have used the forum in recent months then you may have noticed that it doesn't exactly fly along. If Clem could afford a better server then it would be much better for him to invest the money in improving the performance of the main forum rather than investing it in free storage for 65,000 software profiles.

If you worry about losing your profile get a free dropbox account (or similar) and store it there.

hithirdwavedust 7 years ago

This is an incredibly good idea!

crismblog 7 years ago

I like the idea

Raistlin84 7 years ago

Good Idea... It can done in different ways... Only package installation, or Desktop style sync too... this can dangerous if you have different Desktop oarganisation, like netbook or if you use KDE instead of Gnome... No problem if it's only a solution for backup.

krause 7 years ago

Excelente a idéia.

Labby 7 years ago

Love it! Make it happen, please. :D

RavS 7 years ago

Great idea!

Michiel 8 years ago

This would be a good step in the right direction. This would make Mint almost perfect!

Steampunk-Nick 8 years ago

could be done quite easily

orionthehunter 8 years ago

Could be done elegantly I believe.

grim 8 years ago

Cloud is the future, this would be an amazing feature indeed.
I also agree with mikefreeman's idea, intergration of Mint Backup with Dropbox would be pretty neat :D

mikefreeman 8 years ago

This would be great! It might also be great if Mint Backup would integrate with Dropbox, or even Ubuntu One, to backup and restore personal files as well. I suppose you could just point the files they save to the Dropbox or Ubuntu One folder, and that would happen automatically, as long as there is space. But then you would have to reinstall/reconfigure Dropbox/Ubuntu One before restoring everything. Perhaps that could be linked to the Mint account part of this idea, too.

Just brainstorming/thinking out loud. Sorry! :)

keyneom 8 years ago

I like this idea alot, I'm all for clouding personalization and I think this would be a step in a very good direction, it's a very good step in the right direction. Putting people's personalizations into the cloud is something I've been thinking about alot recently. Obviously putting all personalizations into the cload right now would be difficult but I think this is a great idea. YAY!!

DJCrashdummy 8 years ago

by the way:
i'm expecting not only the tool "mint-sync" also the "mint-sync-server" is open source!!!
--> so everybody who already runs his own server or don't want to trust somebody with his files can run his own mint-sync-server!

so it can also be ported for other GNU/Linux-distributions...!
and then maybe sometimes you (and also every newbie) can port his software and configuration-files easily with no effort between different distributions!

DJCrashdummy 8 years ago

yes... this sounds very interesting!!!

i'm looking forward in the future for something like bookmark-sync in firefox (or some other browsers) with different profiles (like netbook/notebook/desktop or home/work/... and so on)!
you can edit the profiles maybe also online within your community-account (or something else) and so choose & store your software for another machines or backup!

maybe a tool while or after installation of the OS asks you if you want to sync your installed software with an online-account...
and later maybe also the associated configuration-files within the home-folder can be stored and synchronized!
--> and so mint is ready for cloud-computing! - no chromeOS is needed!

and if you don't have a sync-account (community or something else) or never ever want to sync some software or configuration-files you can uninstall the tool maybe called "mint-sync" and it's the normal "offline"-LinuxMint we have now!

...just an idea but it sounds really interesting! yes, i know it sounds easier than it is to realize!

dhoca73 8 years ago

Even after instalation inside software manager. A list with your favorite program and a key with "install selected items"
To go forward, things like mouse configuration, monitor resolution, themes.

I love Chrome/chromium for that sync of marks and addons.
Lately, I have done a lot of installs, to find my apropiate distro, and it will be very nice mint had the sync you talk about.

heltonbiker 8 years ago

This is part of a category of ideas that would be awsome. You've put it very nicely. +1