Ability to vote comments up in idea discussions

  10 years ago

From reading through the ideas here, I have come across a few cases where an idea sparks a very useful discussion, but some of the better points occasionally end up buried and lost in the crowd.

While, thankfully, the mentality in linuxmint isn't the same as youtube where many people just go to troll, I think a rating / voting system for individual comments would still be very useful, to get popular comments (which potentially readily offer a solution to the idea / problem) to show up on top (similar to how youtube displays the 2 most popular comments on top and then the rest in terms of how recent they are) , or, simply provide the ability to sort all comments either by date or by popularity.

Is this a relatively painless modification to make to the website?
If so, I think it would be very useful one, and well worth making.
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tpapastylianou 9 years ago

Dear Vincenttv,
I respect your decision; however, if the only reason is the one you quoted, then may I suggest that a simple 'plus' counter beside each person's comment would still be incredibly helpful. (e.g. A line saying "Bumped 23 times", possibly under the "Posted 1 month ago" notice. Nice and simple, no extra gadgetry required).
I completely agree with you, there is absolutely no need for an elaborate reddit-like system, like you said, and no reason to change the chronological nature of the posts whatsoever. Simplicity is better.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, hope you see this. :)

blueXrider 10 years ago

Okay. The system in which we have currently is broken.

Notice how "NEW" ideas are still new after a year! ???????

You are still able to post to "REJECTED" ideas! ????????

Voting doesn't take place on all posts hence the trolling.
the "DON'T CARE" button should be removed. IMHO, If you don't vote you don't care!

Please, don't take this the wrong way. IF anything is to work, your idea or someone else's, the moderators need to become involved.

Hence the problem, the system is broken.

You have seen a lot of good ideas here, so have I. Let me introduce your moderators:


tpapastylianou 10 years ago

blueXrider: I've seen the following scenarios many times.

a) Proposed idea 'X' already implemented. 'Tim' helpfully points it out. 200 other users go on tangential rants on what should be done instead or how Linux Mint should adopt puppies. New user "Jim" who searches for term 'X' fails to spot 'Tim's' helpful comment and thinks X doesn't exist on Mint, he should stick with Macs.

b) Proposed idea 'Y' is very useful, but vague and lacks implementation details. 'Tim' suggests an idea on how to achieve this which is perfect. 200 others post rants or unhelpful 'Lets go to the moon' style ideas. 'Jim' is also interested in Y, but only comes across the 'Lets go to the moon' replies and is anaware of the really good solution Tim gave.
Jim goes away thinking the Mint community website isn't such a useful resource after all.

c) Tutorial on Z is flawed in some significant way (e.g. deprecated). Tim points this out, along with a better alternative. 200 others start arguing about the merits of console programs vs GUI in general. Jim who wants to achieve Z gets frustrated that Z doesn't work for him, and has to browse through all the babble to get a single relevant comment.

d) Tim posts a comment on a particular post about concept 'XY'. So do 200 others. Tim feels his comment is more relevant than the 200 others (who doesn't?), so he backs it up fervently in discussions. Frustrated that it's getting lost in the crowd or misunderstood, Tim creates a duplicate page of concept 'XY', in an attempt to see how many votes it gets. Jim also does this, as well as 14 others. Result: http://xkcd.com/927/

e) User 'poacheR' feels somewhat offended at a comment's disparaging tone of voice and decides to be defensive about his idea / comments. He unintentionally ends up writing a comment 2 pages long which unwittingly obscures every other useful comment in the page, unless you bothered scrolling waaay down. Users Tim, Jim, and blueXrider feel the comment was just a defensive rant, and isn't really useful to the conversation as such, and they rate it down. poacheR's long rant is now elegantly hidden behind a one-liner expandable link saying 'Other users didn't feel this comment was constructive or relevant. Click to unhide'.

All the above are easily fixed with a simple counter. It could even be a Facebook 'Like' / Google '+1' addon which only takes a line of code (but let's not litter our site with these just yet, I'm just saying that it seems a relatively simple change, unless I'm being incredibly naive here)

blueXrider 10 years ago

So, voting on the idea then voting on the comments? Why? How is it going to be useful?

tpapastylianou 10 years ago

@orionthehunter: true, but not in the case of embedded html, or when you want to keep your position in the thread

orionthehunter 10 years ago

@guismo You can delete and re-write comments. It's a little more work perhaps but with copy and paste shouldn't take much more time.

guismo 10 years ago

And the ability to edit comments!
Specially for people not so good in english, like me.