Linux Mint Netbook edition using MeeGo Interface

  9 years ago

ok... Linux Mint is a very good Distribution. It Blows Ubuntu out of the water in terms of usability, looks and overall out of the box experience. Linux Mint is growing by the day and is the best competitor against Ubuntu whether that is what they are aiming for or not.

My idea is to Have a Linux Mint Netbook edition which I'm suprised hasn't been officially done yet... MeeGo would be the PERFECT UI for
the Linux Mint Netbook edition. Meego interface is Fast, Productive and Very useable, However the official Meego Operating system is not quite there yet. But having a Linux Mint Base with a MeeGo interface would be Amazing! MeeGo increases netbook screen realestate much better than Unity or any other interface does, and it is very Stable and Ready for Production Unlike Unity.
If not MeeGo, then take a look at Oz Unity OS

Looks like it uses the old ubuntu-netbook interface. It looks Amazing! And is very simple and polished. try it out.

What do you guys think?
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oscar799 8 years ago

Mint doesn't have sufficient developer resources to create new versions at this time.
In view of that I'm marking this idea "Rejected"

tiger2wander 9 years ago

yeah, this will great if we have a netbook version, or for who want a lightweight, simple & nice version.

kardin 9 years ago

That could work!!! Linux Mint needs a netbook edition, and Meego might be the best option because its lighter and more friendly than other distros. Also that would make Mint less dependent to Ubuntu.

Keeper_of_Souls 9 years ago

I honestly think it would be a lovely idea, the Meego Interface, is very clean and user friendly. And with Linux Mint powering it, it would be even better! One would actually be able to install MP3 support. lol. Anyways, I do hope this makes it up to the Linux Mint team, and I do hope they decide to give it a try.