Official NetInstall Installer

  9 years ago

I think it would be great to provide a netinstall disc image installer for Linux Mint. Such as the base system and a mixture of drivers for internet access.

It ensures you have the latest packages "freshly" installed, rather than installing several out of date packages only to upgrade them during a reboot. Can efficiently save some bandwidth too.
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Drag0nFly 7 years ago

This must be considered if Linux Mint is to become a viable alternative in the enterprise. The only thing preventing our company from mass-deploying Linux Mint installations is the very fact that netboot/PXEboot and deployment with Kickstart/Puppet is a non-trivial affair.

We came quite far wrt. using the standard Ubuntu installer to install Linux Mint, but the mirrors need to be adjusted as the installer fails during initial package download (despite detecting/parsing the correct release, nadia in this case, and downloading the Packages file from the mirror).

So at least this should be made to work as an alternative solution. It would be nice to have a proper Mint netboot image as well, but I don't see a problem using an Ubuntu-provided one as long as it does the job.

MiLeon 7 years ago


viking777 7 years ago

I like this idea myself, but I felt that it would not be possible due to the extra workload involved. I wasn't sure though so I contacted Clem and asked him - and he says no, so sorry Anubis, but there is not point in pursuing this further.

jldalla 8 years ago

It's an interesting idea. It would use, we will perform a fresh installation.

blueXrider 8 years ago

Maybe, with the new server they could look at this idea again.

jeremi360 8 years ago

I like this

passstab 8 years ago

just found out this is a duplicate

passstab 9 years ago

maybe you prefer my idea
netinstall for lmde only

passstab 9 years ago

@remolder what does "user choice" have to do with this?

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s4ncho 9 years ago

Great idea!!
I'd registered only to vote for netinstall;)

I'm wondering if can be installed by debian netinstall(eg.with kde) and then upgrade to mint

Anubis 9 years ago

Thanks for the answer.

Just to share my thoughts on the idea;
A netinstall could be easier considering package updates can cause problems from time to time. Whereas a clean install of the latest content ensures all the config files are as they should be.

For example;
1. user install's 6 month old disc image
2. they reboot and update the system
3. something breaks, eg package conflict

1. user install's 6 month old disc image with netinstall option
2. they reboot and don't need to update a single thing
3. profit

That's generally the case.

How difficult would it be to have an option in the "graphical installer" to install package sources from a mirror (ftp/http etc) rather than the cd, as an option? I can't see it being that hard, judging that `equity' can already download specific content packages (as it does in ubuntu).

But anyway, i am used to running things such as Slackware, NetBSD and others involving a text installation and i guess i have found the netinstall option always works regarding updates that are applied immediately after a "fresh install" compared to installing everything and then updating it afterwards.

But ok i guess it 'could' confuse some people.

remoulder 9 years ago

Anubis: Mint's philosophy is to provide an easy to install fully functional desktop OS that works out of the box and Clem has already rejected user choice at installation as being contrary to this.

Anubis 9 years ago

For what reason?

remoulder 9 years ago

This has already been rejected