Stand-alone Mint slideshow presentation

  9 years ago

While installing Linux Mint 10, I watched the Ubiquity installer slideshow while the installation is underway. I was thinking, this slideshow would be incredibly useful for a new user to see BEFORE they run the installer.

I suggest putting the slideshow presentation in a small window that comes up when you boot up the Live CD or DVD. It would make a great promo for people exploring Mint for the first time. They might be more interested in running the installer if they see the slideshow first.
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RayWoods 8 years ago

I think you've got it @vincentv ! Perhaps with a bit more detail and installation guidance?

New > Considered

blueXrider 9 years ago

This would be nice

kazztan0325 9 years ago

What about the slideshow be embedded in the Main Page of
However it would need more spaces...

keyneom 9 years ago

I'll promote but I wouldn't want it to open automatically after booting, and to be honest I think it would work better if it was used on the mint site so people could be introduced, maybe instead of the slideshow we have now of the different editions, etc.

Xyie 9 years ago

Ubuntu seems to use this sort of idea with its sample documents. This might be easily implemented in the same way with a single file and the office suite's presentation program.

mikefreeman 9 years ago

Yeah, as long as they don't mind closing a window when they boot up.

Or, in another scenario, this could be implemented as an icon on the desktop labeled "Feature Presentation" or something. That would make them have to click the icon to see it, rather than booting up with the presentation on-screen, but at least it's available that way.

RayWoods 9 years ago

Sounds like a good idea to me and, it could be quickly stopped if it got in the way of someone using a live cd for something other than for an installation.