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  11 years ago

I want instructions for this site!
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RayWoods 10 years ago

A bit more help in odd places would be extremely helpful me thinks!

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dagon 11 years ago

But it's just a link to a textmessage... click the questionmark for help.
I still don't know my way around here and if I took the time to ask about every single thing I don't understand then the answer would be lost among the threads and hard to search for other permanent newbies. Or how about a FAQ?

blueXrider 11 years ago

I would rather see the community web site stay up vs having SQL issues daily.

dagon 11 years ago

I was thinking more in the lines of infoboxes at some places. Like at the Team page. What is it about and how do you join. Most of the stuff is really self explanatory. No need to explain last login or country but a link to information under text-input-boxes that explains how to embed links in text would be helpful.

Alexio 11 years ago

I started a tutorial with instructions for this community website. You can find it in the Tutorials section and help with your feedback.

jakealexi-19-br 11 years ago

I want instructions for this site! +1

m4daredsun 11 years ago

Instructions are always good! +1