Give KDE Some Love

  9 years ago

Make the KDE release equal with the Main release. In February 2008 it was announced on the Mint Blog that KDE would be getting more attention and resources from the Mint team. Needless to say, it never happened.
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edgardo1568 7 years ago

i think linux mint kde should at least be in the same cycle releasr as the main edition

foggytown 7 years ago

With the speedy and spectacular release of Mint 14 KDE RC, it does indeed seem that this idea has been implemented.

Thanks to everyone involved!

RayWoods 7 years ago

As Linux Mint KDE came out in January 2012 I think we can assume the Community is giving love to the KDE desktop. It may be a little delayed behind the main edition release but I think the blame for this can fairly be placed at the Gnome Desktop Developers forcing the Linux Mint Team to spend additional time making a workable desktop environment to work on top of Gnome 3! (I'm now ducking down behind the parapets!!)

Can I say Implemented...

Sweyn78 8 years ago

I feel that the KDE versions should be a bit more Minty at their start, rather than default KDE.

hithirdwavedust 8 years ago

KDE is great. Definitely deserves love.
Gnome is great. Definitely deserves love.
They both need work.
Fortunately, they both have their very own development team, they are both available as meta packages, and they both have a compatibility layer for one another.
I don't understand why KDE needs more attention from any particular distro.

jose_manuel 8 years ago

Fantastic Idea !!!! KDE is the best desktop !!!!

gofer83 8 years ago

I also don't worship any of GUIs. Both KDE and Gnome are great environments. Gnome is simple, but does not have many customization possibilities.
KDE is a bit more complicated, but you can adjust almost everything there.

For now, Gnome is going wrong way in my opinion (Unity is a piece of shit) and KDE is getting more beautifull and stable with every version.

One trend in both environments I dont fully understand...How can there be so many "new features" with every new version when old problems are still not fully resolved?

If KDE is not worth supporting, maybe it would be better to focus all the processing power on Gnome?

Conclusion: The choice is ours...let the best GUI win!

Lithos 8 years ago

I trust the new kde release shows it has more 'love' but I think all versions should have the same weight

sajukktheeternal 8 years ago

I hate gnome 3.
I don't have a problem with KDE, but I don't worship it either. I have used it, but quickly returned to gnome 2.

Now, with gnome 3, I am considering KDE once again, but I think mint should stick with MATE, which needs to be further developed.

So, I'll wait a bit before promoting or demoting the idea

fabietto0102 8 years ago

I think Mint's focus should be Gnome. A clean and easy to use interface that can keep people interested in using desktop/notebooks while the market pushes toward portable "smart" devices. Thanks mparfitt, I couldn't find better words!

sojin 8 years ago

KDE 4.7+ series is rock solid. Mint should give some more love!

wayward4now 8 years ago

I just installed KDE on top of Mint and it works fine...

mparfitt 8 years ago

I think Mint's focus should be Gnome. A clean and easy to use interface that can keep people interested in using desktop/notebooks while the market pushes toward portable "smart" devices.

blueXrider 8 years ago

Not to cause havoc but KDE doesn't cut it. Eye candy all the way. It's a fu-fu environment.

Anything but KDE

Squirrel 8 years ago

Linux mint trades customization options for ease of use even more than Ubuntu does.

Because KDE is designed for more customization, it seems that gnome is the better choice for mint.

ugubabba 8 years ago

i'm pure kde on 2-3 machines all mint kde atm, gnome3 and unity are just not me and gnome2.3 never was.. see yourself though

plankgas 8 years ago

I would like to have a Mint KDE netbook

SunWukong 8 years ago

I'm not a KDE fan, but I think it's important that KDE gets the attention it deserves.

nhlop 8 years ago

I agree. KDE give more possibilities for advanced users and it same way make getting access to system setting for new linux-newbies very simply. Gnome hide most of adjustment tools like Windows. It some times turn new linux usrer life in hard way.

groovydaddy 8 years ago

I like KDE a lot. I'm all for the Mint KDE releases getting equal attention. I used to run KDE everything when distrohopping before landing on Mint, but it just seems lately I've been in Gnome more because of school. All of our Linux classes use Gnome Fedora 12 LTS, so I've just been using Gnome to stay familiar with it for class.