Add more themes and wallpapers

  8 years ago

I think it's good to add more themes and wallpapers

We know in linux mint has limited of theme. It's better to add more themes.

Also I realized very limited wallpaper integrated in linux mint. So it should better to add more themes and wallpapers

My suggestion is would be nice to fetch information from and make it available to direct download to linuxmint
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xrdeem 8 years ago

You need a one click solution from One click (or two) should be enough for me to download and auto-install a complete theme so that it shows right away. I have not been able to change my theme because there is no info on how to do it.

Captain-Hooke 8 years ago

I used a Mint 'Steampunk' Wallpaper a while back. A 'Steampunk' theme along the same lines would be great. I love that old look but modern technology idea.

Just tried Windows 8 in VirtualBox (see, the appearance is quite nice, a similar Mint theme might be appealing.

MarkX 8 years ago

I agree with most posters. It is a nice though but there is just no space for the extra artwork. But a place to download really great art on the Community site would be good. I am not to crazy about the art mentioned in the sites below. With that said there are a number or good sites that are not part of the Linux Mint Community to get great art.

oscar799 8 years ago

Menu>System>Preferences>Appearance contains options "Get more themes online" and "Get more backgrounds online" which link to
Therefore I am marking this idea as Implemented

blueXrider 8 years ago

Personal opinion, lots of good stuff out there. Questions go HERE

AgingTechnogeek 8 years ago

It is easy enough to add wallpapers and themes from any source, such as,,, etc. There is no real need to clutter the install CD/DVD with extra artwork.

isoscelesrectangle 8 years ago

Maybe in the DVD, but that's not going to happen in the CD version, because space in the CD is EXTREMELY limited.