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 software manager showing dependencies

Created 8 years ago, edited 8 years ago.
Status changed 7 years ago

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Software manager should be able to show all the dependencies a package is going to install or remove and the size of these packages (useful in the case of pay-per-transfer internet connection). Synaptic does this by default, and also apt-get.

If the reason for not having this feature in Software Manager is the desire to keep its interface simple, this could be achieved either by having a setting to toggle it (and defaulting it to 'no'), or by a button on the respective's package page.


7 years ago

It does show this information under the details section.

New -> Implemented
7 years ago

The software manager is more graphically appealing than synaptic but I would rather see what needs to be downloaded than look at the neat little icons.

The marriage of the two would be interesting.
8 years ago

I like this idea. As Xyie said, I often use Software Manager to find software (easier to do there), then go to Synaptic to search out how much of a hit my hard drive will be taking as a result of dependencies.

I had split my hard drive into separate / and /home partitions, and at the time I originally partitioned it, 20mb seemed like more than I'd need for / to store what it needs. Now, it seems like I keep running out of disk space if I try to load in too much at once. This suggested feature would help out a lot!
8 years ago

I like the idea of it being a feature with a toggle, defaulted to not display. Otherwise I tend to go to the Software Manager to find an application, then shuffle over to Synaptic to search for it yet again, and see what else it installs, if anything.  
8 years ago

Software Manager was created so people who did not want or care to know what all the dependencies for a program were would have a simple installer that did its work behind the scenes. If you want to know what all the dependencies are, use Synaptic Package Manager  

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