Installation Guide, Use all the benefits!

  10 years ago

I have not seen any other distribution that you can read the instructions at the same time as you install the distribution.
It is much easier to install when you see the same what to do and where

there is such, why not bring it out more, some people do not always remember all of what they read.

Mint has it already, use it more!

example from Finland!
NOTE: During installation, you can also follow these installation instructions online! Live CD opends, on the desktop start Firefox and go to page where to find the installation instructions, follow the instructions at the same time when you install the system.

this picture shows the setup and in background you se the guide!

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RayWoods 8 years ago

If you take the defaults, the installation for a newbie is quite straight forward, except for LMDE and, therfore before installing this edition I would expect the prospective user to do a bit of research. Yes the Guide needs some improvements and this has been picked up in other ideas that have been forwarded for Consideration. For this reason I'm going to mark this idea as rejected.

New > Rejected

blueXrider 9 years ago

not needed

_c_o_2_ 10 years ago

Understand.I can get all information of Mint installation desbite of my dummy machine during installation. I can connect a cable or a dongle to my machine and install from live cd or dvd-mint to my machine and read intructions from internet at same time!

heltonbiker 10 years ago

I think instructions should be available as needed. For example, the first install would be carefully read if the user click some "details" or "more info" button, or even if he/she moves the mouse over something, but the more experient would just fly through the "next" buttons to finish the installation quickly.

Also, the default options of the partitioning section worth being carefully considered, since to the novice it sounds coherent that the default option usually is the better / less risky.

Rovanion 10 years ago

Hammeh: It does not matter if the installation is similar to the one of Ubuntu. The new user does not know this, the new user will be scared by complexities no matter how much they are alike the ones in Ubuntu. The partitioning step of the installation is especially confusing for a new user who does not know what to do. Hence a guide would be suitable to complete the installation. Of course the goal for the installation is to be so easy that anyone can use it, but do not let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

Hammeh 10 years ago

Do we really need an installation guide? The graphical installer is very easy to use anyway. I novice user could easily install the system by just clicking next and following the instructions inside the installer. Even if more advanced preferences are needed, the mint installer is so similar to ubuntu's that you can use their documentation.