Gaming in Mint

  10 years ago

I just listened to the latest mintcast, and Clem pointed out that gaming in Linux isn't really where it should be these days. I agree. The sad part is that the solutions are relatively easy. There is a phenomenal Wii emulator that runs well in Linux, my wife and I frequently play Mario Kart Wii in Mint. In addition, Urban Terror is a great FPS and it plays great under Linux as well. Lastly, bsnes, unequivocally the best SNES emu existent runs in Linux, but currently has no native package and is not in the software manager either. Getting these great emulators and game in the software manager would solve more than half of the gaming glut in Linux. Both bsnes and Dolphin (the Wii emulator) have google code pages and really just need some packaging and inclusion in the software manager. Wii games are much better than most Windows games anyway!
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Jessey-Lawson 8 years ago

nice idea you get a promote

crhylove 10 years ago

crhylove 10 years ago

Any coders wanna jump in and optimize Dolphin for Linux? The OpenGL plugin is currently slower than the dx9 plugin, but I just KNOW that is not necessary.