Linux Mint Mailing list

  9 years ago

What about a Linux Mint mailing list where all useful info about our favorite distribution would be updated and discussed?

I feel this would be specially useful with many questions probably arising soon about LMDE...

But IMHO no need of multiple lists.
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oscar799 7 years ago

Time has passed and this exists now
I am marking this as "Implemented"

sunewbie 8 years ago

promoting ...

wayward4now 8 years ago

I promote this idea as well. Funny thing, the responses are posted the latest first. Almost like top posting. We've almost never been spammed on the Ubuntu list. :) Ric

RavS 8 years ago

I promote this idea!

blueXrider 8 years ago

Might be good for some but I don't need any more spam

ch3mik 8 years ago

Agree. Besides, mailing list would be more comfortable than web forum.

elav 9 years ago

Great Idea.. +100

orionthehunter 9 years ago

syndicate the forum feed into RSS.

Fabulous185 9 years ago

Great idea. I'd rather the mailing list than the forums
Although the LMDE forum is very good. Yes it is.
I could receive the news by e-mail or other mean

harrison 9 years ago

Sounds like a good idea but we would need a mod to monitor the list other wise it could be abused.