Suggest apps for unassociated file extensions upon double-click

  12 years ago


If you somehow get a file with an unknown extension:
- by downloading it
- by receiving from a colleague by mail
- by finding it inside an optical medium (CD)

... and you do not know what program is normally used to open it:

the OS should pop up a dialog

- STATING that currently this file extension / filetype is not associated with any program;
- SHOWING some programs you have installed that might be used to open such file extension;
- SUGGESTING you could look for (via SoftwareManager) some not-yet-installed application that might handle the filetype.

It seems to fit well into usability and elegance principles of Mint, and it is kind of "vanilla" in other OSes, I guess.
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viking777 10 years ago

Well instead of double clicking just right click and select - open with. Even Nautilus does this correctly!

orionthehunter 11 years ago

This idea has been duplicated. It is a good idea though.