Single Account for Everything

  7 years ago
  Under dev. review

It's best to have a single account that can be used in every service related to Mint -- Forums, linuxmint-art, and this community.
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andreymd87 4 months ago

what about software manager? is it possible to link the list of installed softwares to the account to find them easier at next install. just like google play for android?

yigit_burak 5 months ago

İt Would be good but looks like not going to happen because this post is 7 years old

dipensan 8 months ago

Really good idea. +1 vote to it. It will be really easy if LM uses one account for LM related accounts such as LM community, LM forum etc.

rawaniajay 8 months ago


Matisse 9 months ago

Good idea :)

Hammer459 9 months ago

It is a challenge as all the parts of the site are built from different "Prefab" parts and thus have different login and databases....

Rebel450 9 months ago

This must be a real challenge - oh my.... "Under dev. review" for 6 years meanwhile ....

_Josue_ 10 months ago

So... if this means merging the accounts for with and sounds like a great idea for me.

axisofevil 10 months ago

Terrible idea to mix comments with installable software.

neyesamu5 1 year ago

Good idea. Buena idea.

BPowell3 2 years ago

I can understand that this my be hard to implement, as Linux Mint is not maintained by a single team in a single environment or location, however it would be useful and convenient for the end-user. I can image the only issue with this is the main servers from different services communicating with one another and the authentication servers via the internet in such way introduces more opportunity for security breaches.

havilla 2 years ago

Es buena, y también podría usarse para asignar algo de espacio en la nube a todos los usuarios de Linux MInt

Fonzie 3 years ago

This would mean using the *same password* for Mint Forums, Community and whatnot.
It would be more secure, and thus more Linux-like IMO, to use a different password for each site.
This is already achieved for quite some users by having a different account for every one of them, and I think it should stay that way.

humanpride 3 years ago

no. Please remember your passwords, or write them down in an encrypted textfile. No more "one for all" stuff, generally. They can be cross-referenced, datamined or worse. Just. Remember. Or. Save. Your. Passwords

andarkangel 3 years ago

i like the idea. But rather not used in the way like "google(+)gmail,youtube,etc it use". Btw, i wish people use more duckduckgo ,
google own and steal your things.

jetmint 3 years ago

As of today the 14th of April 2016 new legislation is in force in EU.

jetmint 3 years ago

@Hammer459 Hold my beer... By everything I am referencing to the title "Single Account for Everything". The implementation still has to protect the users privacy. See the following link to the European Parliament TV with a brief talk about the issue:
I still vote NO, because Linux Mint does NOT have any clear terms or eula on the website.

Hammer459 3 years ago

@jetmint the suggestion is to use a single account on the mint sites, not everything

jetmint 3 years ago

No thanks.
Privacy matters, BUT a single account for everything can be abused and may/will cause fines up to 2% of the global turnover to the team who is protecting this data for every single incident they fail to protect the users data in EU. So obviously this is a major legal issue that has to be covered before implementation.

JesperE 4 years ago

It could possibly be handled with keyrings and automagicaly encrypted? That way the security could perhaps be handled by the OS and the access to the communities handled by eg an extension of firefox? It would of coarse have to be ported to the other major browsers as well, and it could never be a prerequisite for joining or logging in, since that would exclude those unwilling to use the solution. We don't want a box in such as WinDO$ or other more rigid software creators. And on the same note it would have to be a parallel system, so that one could use other computers than the ones with Mint on them to log in, albeit with more traditional methods. Just brainstorming here, unfortunately I don't know much about security.