Single Account for Everything

  10 years ago
  Under dev. review

It's best to have a single account that can be used in every service related to Mint -- Forums, linuxmint-art, and this community.
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Artim 1 month ago

I know this has already been moved and seconded, but I am all for this! I sincerely hope this gets considered further.

Manjushri61 4 months ago

Yes, please go for it. What could be the reason to have these accounts separated?

gugalcrom123 6 months ago

No blockchain, please.

yusren 1 year ago

Could not agree more

KerwinE 1 year ago

Anyone in Crypto?

quake0 2 years ago

Makes sense.

chalarm 2 years ago

this would be a good thing and can be easily implemented through ldap for example. if need help, please consider getting in contact.

SoCiety 2 years ago

100% agree

Dogmaster6 2 years ago

This is one of the best features yet!

0bWAN 2 years ago

;) All done - could only send 100 - best I could do.

0bWAN 2 years ago

I like the idea. Over the years I've had to Re-Subscribe many times. A bit annoying but anyway you cut it LM developers staff etc. work very hard and in my opinion receive little appreciation. This makes think how long it's been since I sent any money. BRB Headed over to Paypal

crhylove 2 years ago

They don't even listen to beta tester reports before releasing final versions. No way these ideas are getting looked at. LOL

maniat1k 2 years ago

7 years this idea?

edgar3500 2 years ago

What about "Single Account for Everything" idea?
It would be very useful for all. It's incredibly, this idea is 7 years ago and still is in review?

coitus 2 years ago

Building off of andreymd87's suggestion, it would be nice if we could leave reviews from inside the software manager.

andreymd87 3 years ago

what about software manager? is it possible to link the list of installed softwares to the account to find them easier at next install. just like google play for android?

yigit_burak 3 years ago

İt Would be good but looks like not going to happen because this post is 7 years old

dipensan 3 years ago

Really good idea. +1 vote to it. It will be really easy if LM uses one account for LM related accounts such as LM community, LM forum etc.

rawaniajay 3 years ago


Matisse 3 years ago

Good idea :)