More image types for avatars

  11 years ago

Restricting to JPEG-only seems weird. PNG is an open format so at least this additional image type should be supported by the community's CMS. I'm not a fan of GIFs but many others have such avatars - most non-animated. Please support at least PNG, but also consider GIF as the third supported image type for avatars (and maybe signatures in the future).
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dagon 9 years ago

Sorry. Just found an earlier idea(100) that had been approved and will be implemented, probably next time the developers has time to focus on the community site. As a method we only approve one idea and reject duplicates.


considered -> rejected

dagon 9 years ago

> considered

Anleoje 9 years ago

Good idea ;)

mjoens41 10 years ago

Good luck with that, I can't even get my tiny 100k x 100k jpeg to upload, it's a bit silly and behind the times how small you have to have them.

blueXrider 10 years ago

<<<<<< Mine seams to be okay

Steampunk-Nick 10 years ago

SVG and PNG should be available as options for avatars

orionthehunter 10 years ago

+1 for SVG support. We need to promote open vector graphics.

Twiguard 10 years ago

The SVG is a great idea. You can easily make infinitely detailed pictures and even animations within kiBs. BUT it's a little more performance consuming AND how many users would do that? O_o

Qruqs 10 years ago

What can I say, when the community pages start to look "anibloated", I know I'll be looking for greener pastures.

Google for: overuse animated gifs see what I would not want to happen here.

wanda 10 years ago

Avatars < Google macht es moglich.

killmess 10 years ago

I would like also bigger images allowed, like 150x150 or 200x200, in a high resolution medium size screen(like fullhd on a 20" 16:9 monitor or 1280x1024 on a 17" 4:3 monitor).
Some avatars has details that can't be appreciated on a very low res.

hazmint33 10 years ago

I agree with animated gif support

Boringbytes 10 years ago

I totally agree, we need to be able to use more image formats. PNG for certain, but why not svg too?

Laan 10 years ago

I agree with the idea of supporting PNG

tanmays 10 years ago

I didn't noticed it too. But a very nice idea to get open formats. Voted for it.

Abd3l 11 years ago

i want a gif compatibility so bad!!

Abd3l 11 years ago


baffle-boy 11 years ago

yes! i made a similar idea already, so i definitely agree.

ivanovnegro 11 years ago

I agree absolutely.

Twiguard 11 years ago

I have to agree. My JPEG is somehow weird this way. XD