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  9 years ago
  Under dev. review

Since registering for the site, I've commented on quite a few subjects. Occasionally, I would like to go back and see how the discussion is going, but I can't remember the titles of all the Ideas, Tutorials, Software Packages, etc.

I would like to see this web site add a link to topics you've commented on. Possibly even broken down by type (Idea, Tutorial, etc.). That way you can have a better, more accessible record of things you've discussed. It could be added to the "My Places" tabs, maybe with the title "My Comments".
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mikefreeman 9 years ago

I often come in just long enough to make a quick comment and then leave, and forget about clicking the subscribe button because it's usually not on the screen due to its distance from the comment box. Later, I have to try to remember, and search for, what it was I was commenting on in order to see what others are saying.

A central list (a "My Comments" section in the menu) where all the things you've commented on (whether you actively subscribed or not) are kept would be more useful, I would think. The subscription button could remain and be used to send new comments to your subscribed posts to your inbox, whereas not clicking on the subscribe button wouldn't.

blueXrider 9 years ago

Using the Subscribe button works for Ideas and Tutorials but we could something for the Software Packages.

If your rating on the Software is a 5 then it shows in your profile.

kazztan0325 9 years ago

This is a nice idea!
I hope it will be implemented as soon as possible.

Alexio 9 years ago

Good idea! Until it is implemented, you can use the ¨Subscribe¨ button to bookmark all the discussions (ideas, tutorials, favorite software) with your comments and then open ¨My profile¨ to find what you are looking for.