Multiple Releases/Editions -- Family and Friend IT support

  12 years ago

In addition to listing more than one release/edition of Mint for personal use, I probably am not the only one supporting installs on computers for family and friends. Possibly set up the profile with a table type frame with drop down lists that would display cells that are completed in a table

something like:
Helena - Main - 2,

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RayWoods 10 years ago

An idea like this ( has already been picked up for consideration so, to avoid duplication, I'm will need to mark this one as Rejected. Sorry.

New > Rejected

Rovanion 13 years ago

A combination of two other ideas, the ones about multiple computer setups and multiple distributionsn per setup makes this idea redundant.

pac0 13 years ago

useful and informative

pac0 13 years ago

Alexio 13 years ago

I think it´s a good idea to use this kind of table for each user´s profile on this Community website.