Ideas should be public

  9 years ago

Ideas cannot be accessed unless you are logged in. Shouldn't these ideas be available to everyone without having to create an account? (Obviously they could not vote or comment, but they should at least be able to read them)
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kneekoo 10 years ago

This community is still in alpha stage. Give the Mint developers some time to progress enough in order to make some features public. There's no rush right now. :) I'd rather see the LXDE edition out and Mint 9 as a RC. That's more important. :D

serge512 10 years ago

yes it could be pulbic for readdin and thast all...

eiver 10 years ago

Reading can be public. Nothing to hide here. Maybe interesting content will convince someone to register.

Writing/Editing - must not be public. Or else I will write a bot myself which sells V1@gr@ on this site just to prove a point, he he (joke).

linuxmintuser 10 years ago

I think that all ideas and also the Hardware database should be public. Because no one would register himself on this website only to visit the hardware database.

nebcanuck 10 years ago

Don't make the voting public, but let people see what ideas are being promoted.

Daybreak 10 years ago

I believe all ideas should be public to make others know the trends.

curtis 10 years ago

If they cannot vote or comment, what harm could they cause? What's wrong with others just seeing the ideas?

Fugy 10 years ago

That will make the community site a total chaos, and you invite people that don't want to help, but irritate people on this site.

das01 10 years ago

I think the more ppl have access to the ideas the more they get improved.

Rovanion 10 years ago

dbpatankar: Making voting and commenting public would be like inviting youtube over for a cup of tea.

dawgdoc 10 years ago

If you made access to ideas public, with or without voting, you would probably have to disable the user profile link for non-community members.

curtis 10 years ago

I don't think so.

dbpatankar 10 years ago

I think it can even be made public for voting. I believe the whole linux community is responsible enough to handle this.