Bittorrent-Realeas before direct download

  9 years ago

If there is a new realeas, the servers from Mint have much traffic.
To equalize this, the Realease of the Torrent-File can be made a day before the release of the file wich can be directly downloaded.
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oscar799 7 years ago

There may be a good reason it is done the way it is - but just in case,I'm marking this idea "Considered"

blueXrider 8 years ago

It could relieve the main server from loading heavy if it was passed to the mirrors first as a .torrent

Ioseph 9 years ago

I'll bite. Always seeding LMDE anyway.

LMUCS 9 years ago

Sorry for the spelling I am not a nativespeeker.
I would be glad if you "translate" it in good english.

Thank you and greets

passstab 9 years ago

bad spelling good idea