Remake Pulse Audio within Mint

  9 years ago

Ubuntu made some mistakes that even the Pulse Audio devel team are unplesant with, regarding the Pulse Audio integration with Ubuntu. Everytime I do a fresh install of Mint I must download some missing packages and do some tricks to make my system not only play multiple sound sources at same time, but also to make my 5.1 audio system work. It was easier until Felicia. My idea is simple: remake the integration of the Pulse Audio server with Mint from now on.
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Mintsword 5 years ago

Hi !
I'm new here and I have to say that I am fed up of Windows and that I wanted to learn more about Linux which actually fascinates me, eventough I have some problems.. For example : PulseAudio. I installed it, it workes, because the soundbars move, but there is no sound. I have LinuxMint 16 Petra 64Bit.
Can someone help me? (I checked everything concerning mute settings etc.)

dogsolitude_uk 5 years ago

Been finding the same thing. If Mint wants to develop a solid gaming base, then managing sound setups (drivers etc) needs to be as easy as managing graphics drivers. At the moment it's do-able, but compared to Windows/Mac, Linux sound is an incoherent mess of weird: ALSA, JACK, PulseAudio. All these wrappers, libraries and connectors are like Russian dolls.

My use cases involve making music with PureData/Renoise/EnergyXT, streaming video, watching films and listening to music. I both create and consume noise.

If you look through the Gaming on Linux mint section of the forums, 'no sound' and 'can't get sound to work' are common issues.

Luckily I found this article : but other users may not be so fortunate!

Qruqs 6 years ago

Or at least make some documentation for us clueless about audio/MIDI/etc.

fco90 6 years ago

I just had problems with audio in mint, so yes!

DavidMitchelStow 6 years ago

I think just a general over haul of the sound systems is in order with a view toward ease of use by new folks, and with the option of more complex set ups for those who understand them. I have fits trying to deal with phonon and I wish KDE with mint installed with something at least as simple as Cinnamon's set up.

crhylove 7 years ago

Yes having a very easy jack and ardour setup would also be fantastic. Wrestling to get realtime jack and ardour going right now is a total PITA.

keres 7 years ago

I´m a Audiophile user, and in a Linux its difficult to have a Powerful and Easy Tool for process the Sound, i think in a Tool with EQUALIZER (p.e. 12 bands), with BASS Control, with enhaced effects like SRS Sandbox or Creative X-fi in 24 or 32 bits NATIVE, controls of type a Tweeters, Mid and Subwoofer, range of Crossover cut, etc. For use a FULL our High End Card Sound and Speaker. THANKS

bergamot 7 years ago

I think there are two choices: yes, stop using Pulse Audio, or give it some attention to integrate this thing properly in thee system. I have to remove Pulse Audio right after fresh install of the system. Problems always are: Skype - no sound with my microphone, sound occasionally disappear, and so on.

bgmainx 7 years ago

Not remake. STOP using Pulse Audio with any Linux distro from now on.

blueXrider 7 years ago

Things have changed since then.

Steampunk-Nick 8 years ago

good idea!

killmess 8 years ago

4.0 audio please!

frankeinstein 8 years ago

Agreed. It needs to be far less labour intensive to make it work.

m4daredsun 8 years ago

+1: Yes, Pulse Audio has a number of issues

ft-Orchard 8 years ago

YES PLEASE! #1 top priority

baffle-boy 9 years ago

sounds like a good idea to me.

jkw 9 years ago

Whatever has to be done to make TeamSpeak 3 work properly with PulseAudio! *begs*

lnxwalt 9 years ago

Most of the audio apps I use work with ALSA. Any PulseAudio integration should work through ALSA. ... @Rovanion, the best way to try out the alpha is to do what we'll be doing once the release comes out. If we don't do this, there is really no reason to have an alpha. Just keep it under wraps until it is ready to go.

Rovanion 9 years ago

This idea should not be posted here at this moment. All ideas here should be about the community site. Please refer to the forum or launchpad for presenting blueprints for the distro.

Alexio 9 years ago

+1 See