USB Formating/Disk Utility (Like in Ubuntu)

  10 years ago

Linux Mint should have a USB Formating/Disk Utility already installed!

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blueXrider 10 years ago

If you switch from windows to linux you are going to have to learn something new or run back home

prativasic 10 years ago

However, its implemented in Katya already

prativasic 10 years ago

In Maverick, its included; in Julia, it's not

prativasic 10 years ago

By default, most of the Linux newbie uses Mint distributions. They get everything they need bundled with the distribution (unlike Ubuntu). But its really confusing for them to find nothing to format their drives (especially, pen drives). I think Mint should include the "gnome-disk-utility" with their distribution CDs.

LizardGamer 10 years ago


Hmmmm......Thats weird because I've heard alot of newbs complaining that they can't format disk because of no formating software.

And I've downloaded Linux Mint multiple times throughout Linux Mint history and it hasn't come with gnome-disk-utility

orionthehunter 10 years ago

I am confused. Gnome-Disk-Utility is already installed.

LizardGamer 10 years ago

@justin I don't need to know where it's installed, I already know!

@mikefreeman Yeah, but think of the newbs to linux! There not going to know right away that you have to install usb formating/disk utility yourself. Most of them would rage quit linux mint right away because they think that theres no disk utility or formating tool and jump on another band wagon (e.g Ubuntu)

LizardGamer 10 years ago

It should be there already for people who are new to linux!

remoulder 10 years ago

Already there, ask in the forums if you don't know how to do something.