Separated Linux Mint Debian Stable Edition (Linux Mint DSE)

  9 years ago

Debian stable with official backports can be a viable linux desktop solution. With Linux Mint its rough edges could be eliminated (as with LMDE).

With this separated stable edition Debian support would be complete:
1. Debian unstable: Ubuntu based, bleeding edge, (LM indirect unstable support)
2. Debian testing: LMDE, rolling release
3. Debian stable: Linux Mint DSE, no surprise, stable.

Linux Mint DSE probably can be a slightly modified snapshot of LMDE. With official backports its functionality could remain close to LMDE (but more stable and easier to maintain).

Now the question is: Is LMDE enough (as a long term stable solution with existing LM repositories just by editing Debian sources list) or could be there a real added value for Linux Mint users in a separated Linux Mint DSE with out-of-the-box, long term stable support?
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jupiter66 7 years ago

Stop multiplying editions; LMDE has to be more user friendly fisrt.

dagon 8 years ago

Marked as considered

sireagle 8 years ago

I think this is a great idea! The stability and speed of Debian is what attract me and the Testing level does not give the stability and polish for me. Mepis is a distro that shows how to use the Debian base and make a snappy and very stable distro with more drivers, tools and Adobe flash included. With a Mint Debian stable my distrohopping would come to an end at once. I definately support that idea!

Best regards from Egil

Stoclholm, Sweden

usrfrank 8 years ago

Great idea!!!
Please do it.
I think it might also be possible and wonderful to add a kind of "mint source" or "mint-repo" to Stable in the way of the ppa's with some interesting software .

DynamicMan 8 years ago

@Ioseph Bad idea. Read for more info.

Ioseph 9 years ago

Just set your updates to be level 1 and 2. Geez

germanix 9 years ago

Sounds like a very good idea to me. I use Mint for my work and need my system to be as stable as possible.

hahoemil 9 years ago

I don't think the different editions replace each other. They are for different users and use cases. LM can't be simply "Debian based". Supporting Debian unstable directly (without Ubuntu) is another (strategic) question (more here:

orionthehunter 9 years ago

Personally I think you can expect to see this in the future, probably replacing the Ubuntu edition. Just my perspective, but it seems to be the way momentum is carrying things.

passstab 9 years ago

i think this is similar to
although this is better stated

ghysmodos 9 years ago

I like this idea a lot, just LM based on Debian stable, would really be great.