Support Speech Recognize

  11 years ago

Add a support for speech recognize will be great and is needed for a modern computer. Amazing your computer can understand your voice!

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blueXrider 11 years ago

good idea for any linux distro

Shabakthanai 11 years ago

Speech recognition also solves spelling errors. It helps people with physical disabilities, like missing fingers. It needs to be simple, though. The most logical command to get the computer's attention.

If the name of the computer is 'Computer' or 'Hal', use that to activate the computer's desire to respond. Just like talking to a specific friend when several friends are present.
|"Hal" on please.
"Hal" off please.
"Hal" browse please.
"Hal" go to (name of offered link).
"Hal" Open Word please. Set 4 columns, 1" margins, tab 5, background light blue, font Purisa, size 16 point, end configuration.
"Hal" Mint forums please.
"Hal" Mint new ideas please.

Being polite will be a precursor to "Hal" recognizing your name and responding, "did you mean 'the transfer link' or 'the information request box'? "The link, Hal".

Using common preferred language, that you would not mind your children hearing, will prepare technology for interactive communication with the computer. It will also keep the computer from reacting to open conversation when you are talking with someone else. When people are present, speaking to the computer, by name, will let them know you are talking to the computer instead of them.

I know I am talking a lot, but this is something I really want. Made easy, it would be a magnet for users to Mint.

tiger2wander 11 years ago

I already take my free time to search about this kind of software for Linux but still no good application. And yes, till now I seen only Dragon is best software for this but it don't support Linux/Mac OS X for now, only Windows.

tcc559 11 years ago

we will need it once we become more lazy.

*computer open firefox*
*computer type in*
*computer undo my pants and start fapping me*
*computer off*

i mean speech recogizing would be epic, my windows pc with that dragon software can do everything except for the hand. (my intention was to be dirty but no offence, but im just explaining it would be nice to have voice recognition in mint,

it makes my assisgnments easier, i can speak into my mic what ive written down on paper and in no time its on my screen with no typing!)

orionthehunter 11 years ago

I believe the software is out there, probably not installed by default. A good search might turn something up.

RayWoods 11 years ago

Thinking to the future it would be logical to include speech recognition as a potential input medium for a computer, especially with tablets becoming the up and coming thing.

Also, for people like me with arthritis using a mouse/keyboard can become a painful and arduous task. So, point and grunt looks to be a good way to go.