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  10 years ago

I've just discovered that the search feature in the Software Manager is case sensitive. So that where Gnome-Disk-Utility, or variations thereon, produces no results only the lower case version (gnome-disk-utility) works.

Searching through the list of software I note that everything is in lower case so all that is needed to covert the input to lower case.

So, can the search feature be made to ignore the case of the input?
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3gghead 8 years ago

Perhaps the 'case sensitivity' could be related to the 'codepage' setting for your desktop's 'locale'. If you have multiple languages installed, your system's 'input method' could be sending UTF-N or UNICODE strings which the software manager would be handling differently than a single-character locale. Less likely but still a possibility is the 'input method' service you're using.

My setup is xim (default) with locale set to en_US.UTF-8 (>echo $LANG) and the search results in the Synaptic Package Manager and Software Manager are case-agnostic by default on a Linux Mint 14 (nadia) x686 (32 bit w/ 686 PAE kernel) desktop system.

The aptitude manual also specifically claims that the search feature uses case-insensitive regular expressions (http:///usr/share/docs/aptitude/html/index.html).

Perhaps others can post results for other input methods and/or locales to determine under what conditions (if any) searching in these programs becomes sensitive to character cases. Hopefully the OP can provide this information as well as their system's 'aptitude' config file(s).

trollboy 9 years ago

Using your example, Gnome-Disk-Utility returns the same result as gnome-disk-utility in Mint 12, so I'll mark as implemented

New -> Implemented

blueXrider 10 years ago

Synaptic has had issues with me in the past too.